This was the only venue of Radiohead's immense 2012 tour that I personally printed a poster for. This was the tour where I had the really stupid idea of making a poster and a t-shirt that was unique to each venue. Luckily I 'only' had to make the artwork for forty-odd venues, not print the whole lot myself. Anyway, because all of the venues were these huge places named after corporations and companies, I thought I'd look up the street addresses and use them instead. For this one, at the O2 Arena (or whatever it's called now) I wanted to use the original name of the structure - The Millennium Dome. The Dome had been an expensive failure as part of the millennial celebrations, and I guess this is why they were quite vehement about me not calling it by that name. Guilt by association, I suppose. Anyway, fuck them, so I said the band were playing on Greenwich Peninsula and called the print Terrordome. Get me, sticking it to the man and all.

Here's some blurb I wrote about it at the time:

"A new limited-edition screenprint to commemorate the occasion of Radiohead playing a gig at the structure formerly known as 'The Millennium Dome' on land formerly known as Bugsby's Marshes near Greenwich in South London, on the 8th and 9th October 2012. The Dome was designed by Richard Rogers and is one of the largest structures of its kind in the world. In this print the Dome is shown overgrown with trees and with a chromotographic blend of ink, referencing the toxic sludge that had to be cleared from the marshes before construction could begin. The Dome has been referred to as 'a colossal monument to the doublethink of our times..."

Paper Size - 485mm x 640mm

Print Size - 450mm x 560mm

From an edition of 188

Printed on GF Smith colorplan 270gsm acid free and archival paper.

4 colour screenprint.

Available 26

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