Secret Green Driftway


The drawing that became this print is vaguely based on a memory of an old track through a wood on the border of Wales and England, somewhere between Redbrook and Newland. We came upon it by accident, after climbing a narrow path from the river. Suddenly we were in a sort of cavernous hallway of trees on a great ridge above the river, which was now hidden by the woods. It was, I thought, an old and forgotten driftway. Driftways are analogous to drove roads, many of which can still be followed through wilder parts of the world. They were the trunk roads of the past, and saw cattle, sheep and every other sort of traffic for thousands of years. Now they are quite lonely places where you can imagine the shouts, animal noises and all the sounds of hundreds of years ago, while all you can really hear is birdsong and the wind in the trees.

4 colour Screenprint

Somerset printmaker 300gsm

Paper Size: 450mm x 480mm

Print Size: 400mm x 400mm


From an edition of 169 prints

Available 26

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