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In the latter days of the Twentieth Century, before the War Against Terror and when the internet was a new thing filled with promise, myself and Dr Tchock sat in front of an early-model Apple Mac and made this picture. At the time I was consumed with thoughts of nuclear winter, denuded trees, dust-filled empty highways and houses with no glass left in the windows and no life left in the rooms. White was the colour of death and no mistakes could be erased; only covered up; only concealed, rather ineptly. Only hidden, but badly. If I had known then what I know now I probably wouldn't have bothered to get up in the morning. The last twenty years have been quite horrific; the fiendish aggression of the Twentieth Century bleeding into the new millennium with a vengeance.

But in a very specific version of a physical WayBack machine here is a big screen print of that very picture; lushly configured in eleven layers of ink, bigger and more vibrant. It still makes me think about the possibility of nuclear winter though. Nuclear winter is what happens after a nuclear war. There is so much dust kicked up into the atmosphere that no sunlight can reach the earth. Everything dies.

11 colour print

Screen printed by hand onto 330gsm Plike paper (Sulphite and acid free)

Paper size: W 720mm x H 700mm

Print size: W 640mm x H 640mm

An edition of 500 

Sold Out

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