Jigsaw: The Contagion of New Troy


Possibly one of the most expensive jigsaws of all time. Well, since the last one I did anyway. Comprising 192 laser-cut wooden pieces, one might be forgiven for thinking that it would be relatively simple to complete. Previous Stanley Donwood Jigsaws have demonstrated that this is not the case. Showing a reproduction of a linocut called ‘The Contagion of New Troy’, this depicts the financial centre of London both flooded and simultaneously on fire. Carved using one small chisel and in a quasi-Mediaeval style, the jigsaw shows the relatively new ‘Cheesegrater’ building (known officially as the Leadenhall Building, at 122 Leadenhall St) and the ‘Walkie-Talkie’ (officially, 20 Fenchurch St). It should be noted that this image is in no way a comment on the idiocy of basing your economic planning on the financial sector and then voting to leave the EU thus ensuring that said financial sector will decamp to mainland Europe. Assembling this fragmented version of the City of London is a fantastic way of wasting the hours as we wait patiently for the end of days. Let’s hope there’s enough time.

Size of box W 230mm x H 180mm

Finished jigsaw size W 360mm x H 250mm

Available 22

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