Happy Family


This image was originally made by Stanley Donwood and Dr. Tchock for the cover of the Radiohead single 'Karma Police', and as with ’Such a Pretty House’ it had to be remade to be screen printed, mostly because the original digital artwork file was 12cm x 12cm. This was the second print produced at the Manufactory; as well as 'Such a Pretty House' this one too took ages and the studio was of course really really cold.The picture shows a father leading his family to a home-made nuclear fallout shelter. I think we can assume that the Four Minute Warning has already sounded, and the missiles are on their way. The shelter is constructed in accordance with the guidelines published by the UK Government; from doors, pillows and cushions. Sure to protect you and your family from thermonuclear war. The big red symbol is the symbol used on the cover of the Protect And Survive pamplet that contained the fall-out shelter instructions. In the 1980s this pamphlet was delivered to every household in the UK. You can perhaps imagine the effect this had on the populace.

9 colour Screenprint

GF Smith Colourplan 370 gsm

Paper Size - W 640mm x H 710mm

Print Size - W 500mm x H 500mm

Edition Size - 288

Available 13

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