This year's Glastonbury Festival artwork is an eight-colour screenprint and is influenced by a novel called 'The Crystal World' by JG Ballard.


The novel itself is quite dark, a strange tale set in West Africa where a stilled sky broods over a jungle which is inexplicably transforming into a jewelled infection. Madmen and lepers move through this bizarre world, succumbing to the scintillating contagion as it crystallises everything. 


I'm haunted by this idea of transformation, and wanted to take the beauty of the idea, separate it from its more macabre connotations and invoke the vision of a bejewellment descending from the heavens to the Vale of Avalon, where Glastonbury Tor stands silhouetted against a rising sun. 


Edition of 50 

8 colour screenprint 

270gsm acid-free paper 

Paper size 600mm x 535mm 

Signed by the artist. 
Blind-embossed with the Slowly Downward Manufactory seal.


Sold Out

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