Dead Children Playing


This was the catalogue for the show of the same name that was held at the now-defunct Iguapop Gallery in Barcelona back in 2006. It was compiled in a derelict stately home in the south of England whilst I was meant to be doing something else, and is largely a compendium of hastily-scanned pages from my sketchbooks and reproductions of various paintings myself and Doktor Tchock made for some records.

It has subsequently been published by Verso; these are some recently discovered volumes that have been overlooked for some reason; i.e.,the total disaster that is my filing system.

22.5cm x 22.5cm.
Published in 2006 by Iguapop.

n.b. The exhibition was named after a sign in my local park, from which some unknown miscreants had scratched away the word 'SLOW'. Not because I'm a sick individual.

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