You may not know what a ‘smeuse’ is; I didn’t, until I was asked to make the cover artwork for Robert Macfarlane’s book Landmarks. In the book he has prepared a number of glossaries of words which you would struggle to find in a standard dictionary. They are words from dialect, slang and so on, and describe matters loosely pertaining to the land. An old Essex dialect term for a kestrel is ‘wind-fucker’. An old Sussex word for the gap at the bottom of a hedge made by the regular passage of a small animal is… smeuse.
His publishers aimed, presumably, to capitalise on the success of the book by bringing out a second edition with a different cover. But not very different. So here is a ‘winter smeuse’, with thorns and snow a a distant, weary traveller.
This print is a screen-printed adaptation of the linocut work I did for the cover of the second edition of Landmarks.

2 colour screen print

Paper size: 335mm x 480mm

Print size: 255mm x 375mm

Printed on 300gsm acid-free archival Somerset satin


From is an edition of 88 prints

Available 8

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