Secret Green Wood


I drew this mostly in cafés in Maastricht in the late spring of 2017 when I was there painting the inside of the huge dome at the Bonnenfantenmuseum, and when I wasn’t painting the dome or carving a big bit of lino with what became Apocalypse Maastricht. The sun was mostly out and the café life was pretty much all outdoors. I didn’t have anyone to talk to most of the time so I drew this instead. And read a lot of novels. This picture isn’t based on anywhere in particular either, except maybe (and very vaguely) a wood where I used to muck around on bikes with my mates when I was about twelve. Like many wooded places in the UK it wasn't anywhere really, a sort of edge-place where trees had grown up over what I guess was some kind of gravel pit. A railway line runs through it, and I travelled on a train along that line recently. There's a new housing estate there now.

4 colour Screenprint

Somerset printmaker 300gsm

Paper Size: 450mm x 480mm

Print Size: 400mm x 400mm


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