In 2012 I completed an ambitious linocutting project; Lost Angeles, an eighteen-foot long panorama of the City of Angels being destroyed by fire, flood and a shower of deadly, flaming meteorites, all in a quasi-Mediaeval style, the Op-Art waves carrying the sad flotsam of the city. I worked on this linocut the the bright sunshine of California, aware all the time of the incredible fragility of our civilisation and how quickly it could be swept away; not just by a physical disaster but by a political, social or financial failure. The idea that we are living on borrowed time has gained horrible immediacy of late. Still, it's all good, right?
This screen print is adapted from a section of that original linocut, and shows the Capitol Records building on Hollywood and Vine. As well as some meteorites.

Paper size 805mm x 520mm

Print size 740mm x 415mm


Available 12

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